Thursday, November 19, 2009

So much going on....

Earlier this month we went on a trip with Brenda and Steve. I will blog about that next time. It was a fantastic trip, but I don't have all my photos ready from it yet.

The past couple of weeks I've got to spend a lot of time with my precious grandkids. We've had a lot of "special days" and outings. How I love each and every one of these little cuties. Even the babies know who I am now, and it's fun to be greeted with their smiles.

When we went to Utah I picked up a new little pocket sized camera that I had been hearing a lot about. It is supposed to do the best photos in low light of any point and shoot type of camera. It seems to work really well....not as good as my DSLR, but then again, I can't keep the DSLR in my purse. If I took it into McDonalds or WalMart people would stare at me, but not with my new little toy. So, I'm having a blast with it.

Little Jaycie still loves to stare at people's faces. I just wonder what she is thinking when she is looking at me.

I got to tend Jade the other day for a few hours. He is just the most pleasant little guy. He jabbers and carries on quite the conversation with all these little sounds that he makes. It sounds like he is saying words, but they don't make any sense at all.

He and I went to WalMart. He loved a little ladybug book. I tried to get him to get the monkey book instead, because I thought it seemed more like a book for a little boy, but he threw it on the floor and grabbed for the ladybug book. So, the ladybug book it was!!

Heather had to take Jaycie for her 9 month checkup. I thought it would be fun to take Harlee on her "special day" rather than have Heather take her to the doctor's office around all the sick kids. We had fun picking out books at WalMart (she chose a princess book, of course) and eating hamburgers at Burger King. I don't know if my waistline is going survive these "special days"!!

We also bought Mickey Mouse cheese cutouts, Little Pony, Toy Story, and Smilie Face fruitsnacks, and M&M's.

We offered Jaden a reward for something he was trying to do at school. The reward was an ice-cream outing. We had the twins with us, too!! It was messy, but fun.

Today Amber needed to go to preschool with Jaden for a field trip. I asked mom if she wanted to go to lunch with me and the twins to celebrate her good news on her biopsy (hooray!!). We took them to McDonalds and Hastings. Hastings has a little train table that is a lot of fun....similar to one the twins have at home.

They loved playing on the BIG toy at the McDonald's by Sam's Club. They both climbed to the top and Brigham went down the slide, but Brighton didn't dare so he climbed back down.

The highlight of the day for the boys was going to the car wash.....

Anyway, right now my life revolves around 6 little people that I love more than words can express. Next week Melissa will be home and I can enjoy her, too!! I'm looking forward to that.