Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Learning New Things

I purchased a new high definition camcorder. Working with the files from it on my computer has been a huge challenge. Sometimes they would make my computer crash. Other times the software I was using would freeze up. It has taken me so many hours of research to find out the best way to use the files. But, you know me, when I have a problem like that I get obsessed with finding a solution. I finally found some software that could convert the files into a usable form. I've made my first movie with the files. The videos from the hike and in the car were taken with my little point and shoot camera. The others came from the camcorder.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Special Days are Great

I love it when I have some free time and I can have a special day with the grandkids. Usually I take one child alone with me, but with the twins you get the "two for one special"!!

I had to go down to the office to deliver some appraisals. They always love riding on the "elegator" in my building. Since we were downtown, we had to visit the library. The loved seeing the fish in the lobby.

Then each boy got to pick out 5 books. Sorry, Amber, I know it will be a chore for you to keep track of 10 books.

We were having fun looking at the books, when I heard a child running toward our table. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a little blond headed girl in pink. Well, what a surprise, it was Harlee!! What a nice coincidence that Heather would take her girls to the library right when I was there with the twins.

After the library we HAD to go to McDonalds so the boys could play on the slide. Brigham ate his lunch and half of Brighton's. I don't know how those boys stay the same size.....

After lunch it was off to Pet Smart to get Zoey some food and look at the animals in the store. They really wanted to see a snake, but they were all out today.....whew (I hate snakes)!!

All I can say is how much I admire all you moms who spend so much of your life putting kids in and out or carseats. It's exhausting.

At least this Special Day was better than the last one. I was at McDonalds with Jaden and Harlee about 3 or so weeks ago, when Ronda called and said that Dad was being rushed to the hospital with chest pains. I was a little superstitious to go to McDonalds again, but luckily no bad phone calls this time.

(This is an out of focus photo of that day....but I had to share it anyway.) Soon Jade and Jaycie will be big enough to start the special day tradition..... It sure has been fun for me. I love having my little purse camera so I can enjoy these memories over and over.