Monday, April 23, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Perfect Day....

It has been a long week for me.  An outing was just what I needed.  Jenn has always wanted to ride bikes in Teton Park and we invited her and Jade to come along.  April is the best time to go as they only allow bikes and pedestrians on the main road.

The Visitor's Center is always a fun place to start.

Jade was most impressed with the video screens on the floor.

The climbing ropes only interested him for about 5 seconds.

The kids always get a goodie when they go with us....
Here is Jade with his new stuffed animal that he creatively named "Moose."

Getting dressed warmly to ride in the bicycle trailer...luckily the weather was nice and he was soon able to shed some of those clothes.

The ride was beautiful.  There is not much snow left, though.  Usually there is a lot along the sides of the road.

At Jenny Lake.

We actually saw a real moose at the lake, but I wasn't able to get any pictures of it.

Rock throwing was the highlight of the day for well as walking across the bridges.

The scenery is always amazing.

Jade was a good helper when we loaded up the gear.

"Moose" and the Green Hornet (from McDonalds) were tired and ready to go home.  The iPod always help pass the time driving.  What a perfect day we had......Just what we all needed.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Little girls.....

Being around the little girls brings back so many great memories for us.   Easter egg coloring was always such a fun still is!!

Harlee loved her two color egg.

Jaycie loved her eggs too, but she also loved climbing on the floor...

The eggs were especially nice with the jewels on the top.

Harlee and Greg always have fun together.

We were sure glad Ashlyn woke up before we left.  She is getting over her shyness a bit and seemed to really like seeing us.

Could she be any cuter?????

Now I just need to see Jade tomorrow and my week will be complete!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

So nice to have some men around the house

So nice to have some men around the house.....(and to have my little camera to shoot them with)!!

They love to work in the yard....

Pruning and climbing trees.....

A little trip to the school to play to reward all the hard work....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012

My photography website will let me make a blog now. See if you can get to it from here. It will be easier for me to do than bloodspot, but if you don't like going to it, I will come back here.

My Zenfolio Blog

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Perfect Saturday

Yesterday we got had the wonderful opportunity to go snow shoeing in Grand Teton National Park. It takes us about 2 hours (in good conditions to get there). As we started to get into the high country the sites got prettier and prettier. The mountains ahead looked to pretty with their dusting of new snow, I just had to take a photo through the windshield as my Greg was driving.
It didn't take long for the roads to get pretty bad but the scenery kept getting better and better.
Looking through the side window at the trees was a treat.
A friendly moose welcomed us as the visitor's center.
Starting up the Taggart Lake trail you pass over a bridge. You can hear the stream under the snow, but can't see much water. The "Grand" encourages you to keep trudging on.
Once you get over the ridge, the view is amazing. I doubt if there could be another snowshoe trail any more amazing than this one is. Sorry about the deep blue sky. I had my polarizer dialed in a bit strong.
You have to stop often to admire the scenery.
Taking a little break at the destination is always nice.... Hard to believe there is a lake under there.
Once we were finished we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset. I've never seen such golden highlights on the mountains.