Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with Harlee

How we have enjoyed having little Harlee with us for Christmas this year. She is so precious in every way!! She loves the Disney Princesses and knows the names of all of them. Heather made her the little fairy skirt and found the wings and wand to go with it. We probably won't get another chance to have a Christmas morning with her once they move here, so we tried to enjoy every moment and savor all the memories.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A cute moment

I think that ever since the twins started to talk they have been so much happier. Today I was watching them. They went into the bedroom where we keep some toys for them to play with. We have a big plastic bin with Melissa's old doll house furniture and parts. They love to dump all the toys out of it. Once in a while Greg or someone else has pushed them around in the bin.

I was in the kitchen and I heard one of the twins saying "Whee.....Whee!!" I looked up and saw that they were giving each other rides down the hallway. It was so cute to seem them playing together like that.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My cup runneth over.....

Tomorrow Brigham and Brighton will be two years old. I've had to work hard to fight back the tears all day today. What an experience we have been through with those little guys. I love all five (and soon to be six) of our little ones more than I could ever express in words. Being a grandma and a mother is such a blessing in my life.

I love you Brigham, and well as Jade, Harlee, Jaden and little Missy No Name Yet!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Good Laugh

A couple of days ago I posted the "Hello, Santa" photo. Here is the context and story of that photo. Amber wanted to take some two year birthday photos of the twins. Right off Brigham tripped on the backdrop, fell, and bumped his head on the trunk we wanted the kids to sit on. He hit it really hard and was crying uncontrollably. I thought I would try taking a photo of Jaden while Amber was consoling Brigham.

As you can see, he wasn't too excited about it.

Then we tried the twins without much luck. I gave them the Santa hats and the phone to try to distract them and get their mind off the photography for a moment. The photos that follow show what happened. I was laughing until I had tears streaming down my face.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Little Boys

I'm quickly learning that little boys are not like little girls at all. Our girls were all cuddly fairly quiet little children. They were active, but not overly so. Well the grandsons are all so different from that. Even little Jade, while cuddly at times, at other times is very strong and active. I can only imagine what he will be like when he is mobile.

We've had the great fortune of tending all the little boys lately. Jade was as darling as ever. Jenny loves this little blue hat and I can see why.

Greg and I had nothing going on this evening, so we thought that Amber and Jason might like a night out. We offered our babysitting services. I must say that the twins are a blast right now. They are really starting to talk. Their voices are so cute....very gruff, husky and loud.....just like little boys ought to be. As you can see from Jaden's photo, he is turning into a normal little boy with silly expressions. What joy all four of these squirmy, loud, obnoxious (in a cute little boy sort of way), and loving children bring into our lives. I just wish they wouldn't grow so fast!!