Friday, May 28, 2010

A Beautiful Testimony

If you double click on the video, it will open in You Tube where you can see the video without the right side being cut off.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A New Resolve....

I have been struggling with reading the D&C for the past year. I would do good for a while, then fall away. But, after Stake Conference last Sunday, I decided that I would put away the D&C for a while and begin the Book of Mormon again. I have only read the first 14 chapters, but have been deeply touched with the power of the book. Today I read 1 Nephi 14 and received the strongest impression that Nephi did see our day. The Great and Abominable Church is fighting the Church of the Lamb of God. We see it every day, everywhere we go. But how comforting it is that even though the Church of the Lamb of God is small in number, we can be armed with righteousness and the power of God.

It's just the same message that the General Authorities were telling us at conference. We don't have to be afraid. We just have to concentrate on arming ourselves with righteousness and letting the power of God work in our lives.

I get so afraid when I listen to the news.....I don't need to be afraid. Nephi saw it all and we know who wins. The things that are happening are disheartening but are certainly not a surprise. I have always known that, but it is so nice to be reminded by someone who lived a long time ago, but saw it all.

Thanks to my girls for reading the Book of Mormon with me. It helps me to stay on track knowing you are reading it, too!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Yellowstone Park

Greg and I went to Yellowstone Park on Saturday for a spring drive. It's so much fun to go when the animals are in the valleys. We went last year in May and vowed to go again.

We had fun using the new video camera. I hurried and put a small video together of our day.

Hope you enjoy. If you watch it on You Tube, you can see it in high definition. Just double click on the video and it will open in You Tube. From there you can change the resolution on the bottom of the video window.