Sunday, November 30, 2008

Different Kind of Thanksgiving

This year on Thanksgiving all the married kids visited their in-laws. So, Greg, Melissa, and I went to two different dinners. We spent some time at my parents' house where there were only 12 of us. We all sat at one table!! It was very nice to have a more quiet meal, although we missed seeing all those who weren't there.

Then we had a meal at Rose's house. There were only 6 of us there. It was great visiting with Kathy and Randy. Randy made an interesting comment while we were there. For those of you who don't know, Randy developed a very mysterious illness a few years ago that totally destroyed his nervous system for a while. He was in the hospital for months in a coma, on life support. After many weeks he opened his eyes and started to come back. Now he still has some side effects, but is doing so much better. He can walk and talk normally. Fine motor skills still are hard for him.

Anyway, I told him that my dad isn't feeling all that great and is discouraged. He said that since he has seen the "other side" he feels sorry for anyone who has a poor quality of life here. I don't know anyone who has come closer to dying than Randy. I'm glad to hear that he thinks the "other side" is great!!

Greg and I got engaged on Thanksgiving weekend in 1977. I can hardly believe that 31 years have gone by.

It's been fun having Melissa home, although I know that being here is so boring for her.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I just finished a very powerful book. Let me say thank you to Glenn Beck for his bravery in telling this story. I loved the book. It has given me so much to think about. I finished reading it last night and couldn't quit thinking about it as I went to bed. I picked it up again the first thing this morning and read the ending again.

In real life, Glen Beck's last Christmas present from his mother was a hand made sweater that he rejected and threw on the floor. Then sometime soon after, she committed suicide. I can't imagine what kind of pain he felt from that experience as a young teenager.

His message of the gift of the atonement is one I will never forget. The message of this book about the real meaning of Christmas will make this Christmas much more meaningful for me. Give yourself a gift and read the book. I am pretty sure you will love it.

I don't care that he will make huge amounts of money from writing this book. It's a great message that the world needs to hear.

Monday, November 24, 2008

It seems like only yesterday........

Brenda and I were having our babies. I remember as each one of my sisters and sister-in-law had babies I went to the hospital to see their husbands bring out the newborns for us to see. What a fun and exciting time that was. Now Brenda and I are both grandparents. Where did all those years go?

Jason and Liz sure have a beautiful baby boy. They both looked pretty happy today. Of course, Brenda and Steve are thrilled and will be fantastic grandparents. Now we all need to pray that Stan and Janet get the chance soon.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm Still in Business

Amber is doing so good at photographing her kids, it's a good thing I still have more grandkids so that my job as Grandma Photographer is still available. I got to tend Jade this afternoon. He is such a beautiful little baby.....and a great cuddler, too!!

He's also really good at smiling now!!

One More--Jenny loved this one.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Couple of Great Books

This morning I just finished a really great book by Dean Hughes, "The Cost of Winning, Coming in First Across the Wrong Finish Line". I belong to a book club and we read the most wonderful books.

This book talks about all the ways we compete with others and other habits that take away from our spiritual development Of course there are the worldly ways that we are all well aware of. But he brings up some spiritual ones that I hadn't ever thought of before. It's only 170 pages. If any of you would like to borrow it from me, it is available.

Last December we read the book, Mary and Joseph, by Robert Marcum. It is absolutely fantastic!! I am going to start reading it again this year for Christmas. It totally made the birth of the Savior and his early life real for me. Everyone in our club was so touched by the book. I would highly recommend it. It will make you love Joseph so much. It also helped me realize how important the temple was in the life of the Savior. Of course, it is fiction, but Brother Marcum is a bible scholar who teaches at BYU-I so it is all consistent with our beliefs.

I can't make a post without a couple of photos. Yesterday we did Jade's two month photos. He will be 2 months old on Monday. He is getting so chubby and adorable!! I have to tell you that Jenny just glows as well. Being a mom really agrees with her!....... I love you Jenn.

Jade with his red, long underwear on, lying on a bear rug.

Also, Rose stopped by to see the baby while he was here. She is feeling so much better. She is incredible for an 88 year old. What a great mother-in-law she is to me.

Now if I could just see Harlee.... I sure miss that little one and can't wait until they move back.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Be Happy and Smiley.....

Today I didn't have to go to work. Greg is working late tonight. I knew it would be a long day at home so I called Jaden to see if he wanted to go to lunch with me. Last week I took Brighton for a couple of hours and bought him a little car while we were out together. When I took him home the boys were fighting over the car. When I picked up Jaden he asked me if I would buy him a car today. I said, "I better get something for your brothers, too." He said, "Get one for the happy, smiley brother." I asked him who the happy, smiley brother is and he said, "Brighton". Well, Brighton does seem happier. Brigham likes to cling to his mom more. I asked Jaden if Brigham is happy and smiley, too. He said, "No, he is the mad one." Goes to show that even a three year old enjoys a happy person more.

In Brigham's defense. I think he doesn't feel as well as Brighton. Amber said he has really suffered with teething and she thinks he still has a bit of Asthma. I am going to try to be happy and smiling more...... I sure don't want Jaden to call me the mad grandma.

Jaden with his new car....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

How Fast They Grow

Jenny stopped by with Jade yesterday. Every time I see him he changes. He is smiling a bit now, although I couldn't get a photo of him doing it. Jenny seems so happy to be a mom. She seems very comfortable with the job and is doing great!! Of course, I knew she would. She is great at everything she does.

While she was here I got a phone call from Rose. She was having some discomfort in her back and arm and was short of breath. She was afraid that maybe her heart was having some problems. Greg rushed over and took her to the hospital. I went to the hospital shortly after. They did an EKG, blood work, and chest X-ray. Everything looked ok in those. The doctor wanted to keep her overnight and they will do a stress test today. I sure hope she will be ok.

I must admit, I am very scared about the future of the country. But, I sure am glad that the elections are over. I was afraid that I wouldn't be happy with the results, and I'm not. It's frightening to me, because now that Fox news is there, and I listen to it, I realize that someone is lying....perhaps they all are to an extent.... I used to love Oprah until she got into religion and politics. Now I just feel that so many programs are trying to sway me instead of entertain me or inform me. TV shows and movies seem to have political issues. I hate that. How many people are being brainwashed? It's so scary to me. I'm so glad I have my faith and my family. With those two things I know we will all be ok.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Brighton's Special Day

We have started a little tradition with the Grandkids called the Special Day. So far only Jaden has had a "Special Day" until today. I think that the twins and Harlee are getting old enough now. This morning I didn't have to go to work. I cleaned my house yesterday. So, I called Amber to see if Brighton could spend some time with me. I think it will be fun to separate the twins once in a while and get to know them each individually.

I took him to WalMart. We looked at the fish, Christmas Trees, toys, and treats. Of course, he had to have a little present and a treat. Then we rode on the little car in the arcade section. After that we spent some time at our house. You know what he wanted to do?.........

Open and close the doors. We have door handles he can work himself. So I watched him open and shut doors. It doesn't take much to entertain a baby that isn't quite 2 yet!!!

Soon it will be Brigham's Special Day. (He is pretty attached to his mom, hope he will come with me.)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Leaf Fight

Hope you don't miss the pumpkin carving post below, but I had to do two posts today. Greg and Jaden have a standing date to play in the leaves every Saturday until they are gone. I should have been cleaning my house, but couldn't resist going out and joining in on the fun!!

Remember When.....

I found this old photo today. I'm guessing that it is about 11 years old. Isn't it great that we still keep this tradition going in our family. I'll put more photos from this year's pumpkin carving on as soon as I can.

Here are a couple from Wednesday night. Sorry, I haven't got more ready to post. I was having too much fun with Harlee.

Now I have to work on my Relief Society lesson and clean the house.

Jenn couldn't even carve a pumpkin, but came to the party anyway!!!

They sure turned out great!!