Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Perfect Saturday

Yesterday we got had the wonderful opportunity to go snow shoeing in Grand Teton National Park. It takes us about 2 hours (in good conditions to get there). As we started to get into the high country the sites got prettier and prettier. The mountains ahead looked to pretty with their dusting of new snow, I just had to take a photo through the windshield as my Greg was driving.
It didn't take long for the roads to get pretty bad but the scenery kept getting better and better.
Looking through the side window at the trees was a treat.
A friendly moose welcomed us as the visitor's center.
Starting up the Taggart Lake trail you pass over a bridge. You can hear the stream under the snow, but can't see much water. The "Grand" encourages you to keep trudging on.
Once you get over the ridge, the view is amazing. I doubt if there could be another snowshoe trail any more amazing than this one is. Sorry about the deep blue sky. I had my polarizer dialed in a bit strong.
You have to stop often to admire the scenery.
Taking a little break at the destination is always nice.... Hard to believe there is a lake under there.
Once we were finished we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset. I've never seen such golden highlights on the mountains.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I guess it's time to get back to my blog. I have been so negligent. It's such a cold, windy, and nasty day, it seems like a good time to post something. Now that the holiday rush is over, I am going to start doing Special Days again. It's easiest for me to remember if I go from youngest to oldest, so today was Jaycie's turn. We just ran errands and went out to lunch, but she was such a trooper. Her strong will and determination crack me up. She reminds me so much of Melissa at that age. You can't talk her into anything. It has to be her idea. We went to TJ Max. I was looking for a few different items and Jaycie was very patient. Then we went to the children's section. We found a little princess game for a few dollars and she wanted that for her special day treat. Then I saw some coats that were on sale for $10. I tried to get her to try on a coat. I thought that for that inexpensive price, if we could find one that was cute and would fit her, I would pick it up. She would not hear of it. I tried to tell her that even if we found a coat to buy, she could still have the princess game, but no all she could say was, "Maybe next year." Oh well, they probably weren't that cute anyway!! Then it was off to Chick Fil A for lunch.

I didn't realize that they have a little playground in there. It is only for children 3 and under so I definitely won't be taking the older kids there. But Jaycie loved it!!
She went up into the little car in the ceiling and wouldn't come down!! I was afraid I was going to have to climb up there and make her come down. But when I told her I was leaving, she finally came down and even gave me what she called a "smooch".

The rest of the toys were a big hit!!

The funhouse type mirror was something she really got a kick out of....

The following photo reminded me of my potty training disaster experience with Jaden several years ago. Jaycie is currently in that stage and it made me a little nervous.
Get ready Jade!! You are next!!!