Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crib, Shoes, and Quilt

Jenny and Mike are getting close to the big day. They've been frantically finishing their house. It's finished enough that they can move in and work more while living there. Yesterday Jenny, Melissa, and Amber worked on putting the nursery together. I had to take a few photos.

We are anxious for the little guy to make his appearance. He will certainly be loved and adored by us.

Isn't this crib the most beautiful thing....

Then there are all the shoes.....

I finished a quilt for the little guy.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Heros

This summer there has been a lot of talk about the Mesa Falls Half Marathon at our house. Melissa and Amber decided to run in the race with Ronda and Melina. I have watched Melissa work so hard all summer to prepare for the race.

I've been so impressed by these ladies setting goals and working to accomplish what they set out to do.

The day of the race finally arrived. I don't think that any of them had any other goals than to just finish. Ronda had run in other races, but this was a first time experience for Melissa, Amber, and Melina.

All were a bit nervous before the race started. The race has a very large hill to climb--about 3 miles.

When the race started I lost track of them. By the time I saw them they were pretty much past me.

Part of the race was on a dirt trail. Darn the bad luck, early in the race Melissa tripped on a rock and had to run the rest of the race injured. But she was determined to keep going.

We had fun following them and taking pictures and videos as they ran past us.

Following are the photos of each one of my heros running past the finish line. Way to go!!! I am amazed and proud of your accomplishment and love you all so much.

PS--I think they are all pretty stiff and sore today.....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tiger Lilies, Lady Bugs, and Home Depot

They all have ORANGE in common. Melissa got the grandkids some Home Depot aprons at the street fest last weekend. The boys got theirs the other day. I tried to get a photo of all them of them together in their aprons. Well, they are all in the photo, but..........

Yesterday I was out working in my yard. I saw a bug on a flower and they were both dressed in the same polka dot outfit. It had to grab my camera.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Harlee at the Lake

Harlee was a little angel on our Redfish trip. She just seemed to love everyone and everything. What a fun time we had spending the week with her.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Magic Stick

Jaden is so afraid of new things. When we got to Redfish Lake last week we thought there was a chance he wouldn't even get in the water.

On about the third day he finally started to play ball in the water with his grandpa. But on the last day we were there, Jaden found a magic stick. When he took it with him he wasn't afraid of the water. To our utter amazement he went on a tube ride with his daddy. Then he went on a three man tube ride with his daddy and Uncle Beau. He was brave enough then that he didn't even need the magic stick.

Way to go Jaden!!

A little later in the day Jaden went on a hike with Brenda, Chenelle, and me. When we got to the part of the hike with the huge trees he said, "We are in the Rainforest!!" I thought it was cute. Where does a 3 year old learn about a Rainforest?