Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Magic Stick

Jaden is so afraid of new things. When we got to Redfish Lake last week we thought there was a chance he wouldn't even get in the water.

On about the third day he finally started to play ball in the water with his grandpa. But on the last day we were there, Jaden found a magic stick. When he took it with him he wasn't afraid of the water. To our utter amazement he went on a tube ride with his daddy. Then he went on a three man tube ride with his daddy and Uncle Beau. He was brave enough then that he didn't even need the magic stick.

Way to go Jaden!!

A little later in the day Jaden went on a hike with Brenda, Chenelle, and me. When we got to the part of the hike with the huge trees he said, "We are in the Rainforest!!" I thought it was cute. Where does a 3 year old learn about a Rainforest?


Amber said...

It was so fun to watch him ride on the tubes. I love the pictures you took. I am pretty sure he learned about the Rain Forest from watching too much television. Diego is regularly in the Rain Forest.

Kasi Lee said...

Ahh, the annual Redfish trip! I remember having to spend those weeks without Heather growing up, but I remember more how much you all love it there. Dane and I hope to go there next summer. He loves it there too. It sounds like an incredible place. I hope you had a great week with your family. Thanks for your support and kindness over all these years!