Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Little Rascals!!!

My last post was about the little princess. This one is about my other 3 sweethearts. I got to tend the boys on Thursday and loved every minute of it. I sure was tired at the end of the afternoon, though. I don't know how Amber does it. She is amazing.

Jaden is at such an adorable stage of life. He is interested in everything and is so adorable. The twins are such a handful, but are so cute, too!! They make me laugh, which is a great thing!!

I watched Jaden alone, first. We bought a new wagon, went to the park, where he had to pull it through every puddle, then played Candyland, where he creamed me!!

Some of the photos are from Tuesday and some from Thursday. A friend is letting me try out some really nice lenses, which is fun.....but could end up being expensive for me!!

Later in the afternoon I watched the twins for a while. We had fun just keeping out of trouble.

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Amber said...

Thanks for watching them! I love the pictures and your blog looks great. I like the changes you made.