Saturday, July 12, 2008


We've had so much going on the past while. It's nice to have a quiet morning to relax and recuperate. Before the 4th of July when Greg was stepping out of the car, he felt something pop in his left knee. He didn't tell me about it for a couple of days, but soon it was obvious he was in distress. Each day the pain seemed to get worse for him. I knew it was bad when he didn't waterski when we went to Hebgen Lake.

Luckily, we have the perfect resource for knee injuries in our family. Since Ronda works at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital in Salt Lake and is the assistant for Dr. Trawick, who specializes in knees we knew who to call. She got us in to see the doctor and got surgery scheduled for us the very next day so that we would only have to make one trip to Salt Lake. Greg had a radial tear in his medial miniscus. I don't think that it was a particularly bad tear, but was a kind of tear that is the most painful. So we got it fixed and now he is home recuperating. Suprisingly enough, he is being a pretty good patient so far. We'll see if he stays down for the week or so that the doctor recommended.

He will probably kill me for this, but here he is getting his leg shaved for the surgery. Ronda's hosptial treated us like royalty. I can't believe how fast they took care of us. Thank you so much, Ronda. We are very grateful to get his recovery on the road so quickly so we can enjoy the rest of the summer. If all goes well, Greg should be skiing again by our Redfish Lake Vacation.

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Amber said...

Dad is going to kill you! That is a funny picture. I bet he has never had his legs shaved before. I am glad it is over, hopefully he will feel better soon.