Saturday, April 7, 2012

Little girls.....

Being around the little girls brings back so many great memories for us.   Easter egg coloring was always such a fun still is!!

Harlee loved her two color egg.

Jaycie loved her eggs too, but she also loved climbing on the floor...

The eggs were especially nice with the jewels on the top.

Harlee and Greg always have fun together.

We were sure glad Ashlyn woke up before we left.  She is getting over her shyness a bit and seemed to really like seeing us.

Could she be any cuter?????

Now I just need to see Jade tomorrow and my week will be complete!!


Melissa French said...

I have a silly smile just like Dad has in that Father like Daughter I guess!

Forgot bt password said...

Such a beautiful picture and thank you so much for share.