Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our Little Princess

One thing is for sure--you love all your children and grandchildren with a love that can't be measured. You could never love one more than the other. That being said--so far we only have one princess grandchild. We have three handsome princes with one more on the way and we adore them all. For now, Harlee gets the distinction of being the only princess. She does the job very well... Of course, our four daughters all did the job well, too!!

Yesterday I had the fun of tending her for the afternoon and evening. I was so busy with her, I didn't get out the camera until we had a few minutes to sit in my bed and read some books. She was so cute looking at the old Sesame Street Little Golden Books that my girls used to read. I just had to have a permanent record of that memory.

It's a bittersweet time with Heather and Beau planning their move to Twin Falls. We are so happy and excited for this opportunity for Beau to get his foot in the door in Construction Management. We are sad that they won't live as close as they have been. But, Twin Falls isn't that far away. I think about Barbara and Dennis having their little princesses in China and Kathy having hers in Japan. They can't get in the car and make a day trip to see their little ones. So we are very blessed.

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Amber said...

She is a princess for sure, and so cute!