Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baby Birds

My neighbors are watching out for me!! My friend Becky left a message on my answering machine that another neighbor had a photo opportunity for me. The Matthews have a wreath on their front door that some robins built a nest in. The baby birds are about ready to fly away, so I needed to get there right away to get some photos. I'm afraid my photos don't do the scene justice. I needed to be a lot taller. Of course Eileen got me a stepstool, but I still wasn't quite there.

Oh well, it was fun to see and I'm glad I got to visit the Matthews for a while. I sure hope the birds don't decide to fly away when the door is opened!! Thanks, Becky!!


Amber said...

What good neighbors!

Anonymous said...

The birds are all gone now. Cute pictures! It was nice to visit with you, too!

Becky Muir said...

You got there just in time. I love the pictures. It was so amazing!!