Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Sabbath

I don't know how I would survive it I didn't have the Sabbath. It is truly a gift. Today was a really nice one. It's such a huge blessing to have a day of the week that is an escape from all the problems and chaos of the world. I always feel so refreshed and energized from attending my church meetings and spending time with family.

We had a great time tonight visiting with Greg's mom and some of my family members. Ben Curtis was over at mom and dad's house. He always has some of the best stories to tell. He makes me laugh, but I am always impressed with his goodness and intelligence.

A few minutes ago I was able to talk to Harlee on the phone. She was actually able to carry on a little conversation. I miss her so much. Of course she misses Grandpa and Zoey more than she misses me, which is fine. Her grandpa sure loves her. I'm going to add a little picture to this post for Harlee. Heather wants me to get some new photos of Grandpa and Zoey on my website so that Harlee will have some new ones to look at. We are sure excited that Beau will be working at the site soon and they will be able to move back.

Yesterday we took the boys to the pumpkin patch. They all wanted to get small pumpkins that they could carry. It was fun being with them, but Jaden wasn't feeling well and didn't hold out for very long. Brighton was funny. He loved the little maze that they had set up and wanted me to follow him around in it.


Heather said...

Thanks for the picture of Zoey! Harlee will love it. I will have to show her first thing in the morning. And don't worry, Harlee misses you too. She can just say grandpa better than she can say grandma:)

Amber said...

The pumpkin patch was fun. I just wish Jaden would have felt better.