Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jade David Barbo

Yesterday Jenny went to the hospital earlier than expected. They were having some quiet time there and called her to come in earlier in the day. They gave her the first medicine that was supposed to get things going. But, it didn't work as planned. It gave her some really long contractions. One of the first lasted for 12 minutes. During that time the baby's heart slowed way down. Then it happened a few more times. The doctor let the medicine wear off and decided to try something else. I had the same result. So, it was decided that a C-Section was the safest thing.

Of course, Jenny and Mike (and all of the rest of us) were very scared during the crises and were relieved when a C-Section was decided upon. It went fine except that Jenny had to be put under total anesthesia because of some scarring in her back from surgery as a baby that caused the epidural to not work properly.

Little Jade is a beautiful baby. Everyone was thrilled, excited, and happy to be there. I'm so grateful that prayers were answered and all are doing fine. We love the little Barbo family so much and can't wait to have Jade be an important part of our lives.

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