Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Mother

One of the most remarkable things I've experienced in my life is watching my daughters become mothers. I have to say that all three that are mothers are incredible mothers. It has been such a joy to me this week to watch Jenny adjusting to becoming a first time mother. It has brought back all those feelings I had as each of my girls were born and especially as I had my first daughter, as becoming a mother for the first time is such a defining moment in life. Even though it was so long ago, I can remember it as though it was yesterday. It's something I don't think about often, now, but what a treat it is to have this chance to remember again.

I remember the overwhelming love you instantly feel for that little person. You think you can never love them more than you do when they are born, but that is wrong. You love them more with each day. I can remember being filled with such fear that I would do something wrong. I also was filled with anxiety for their well being. Jenny talked about not sleeping because she was always checking to make sure Jade was ok. I think that is something that every new mother feels. I also remember the extreme fatigue. It feels like you will never be rested again. I also remember the fun of showing off the baby.

It's a crazy, wonderful time of life. It's been fun to remember and watch this week. I'm so grateful I have been able to share this experience with all three of the girls that have children and look forward to sharing it with Melissa someday.

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Amber said...

Jenny looks great in those pictures. I have loved watching her have a new baby as well. All of us girls have a wonderful mom who taught us what to do!