Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leaves, babies, drywall, family, and the newspaper...

My week has been an interesting one. First of all, it's been a bit tough. I've had a major sick stomach and the doctor thinks that the antibiotics I took for my sinuses have caused all the good bacteria to be killed the some bad bacteria to have taken over. I'm being tested and will find out the results in a few days. I've had no energy to accomplish anything, but I did have fun taking photos of the kids playing in the leaves.

On Monday, I watched Amber's kids for a while. They wanted to go out and play in the leaves. The photos turned out fun. I liked one of Jaden and thought it looked like something that they print in the newspaper so I sent it to the Post Register. I didn't think any more about it....until today.

On Wednesday, I watched Heather's girls for a while, so we headed out to the leaf patch again. Then on Friday, we had Jade play. It was fun watching all of them enjoy the fall experience.

Besides that, we've had the restoration company working on putting new drywall in the basement. Hopefully we can paint this week. It will be nice to get it all fixed.

Last night we had a fun time. Barbara and Rebekah are here visiting, and we had a family dinner with them. Kathy came up and all our kids, except for the Vests were here.


ronda said...

Terri...beautiful pictures! You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family! I hope you get feeling better soon...I know you will!!

Jenn said...

Congratulations on the picture in the paper!! I bet that Jaden loves being famous!

Margaret said...

Every time I see any of your pictures I think someone should put one in the paper. I love it - so cute! Hope you get feeling better.