Thursday, February 14, 2008

30 Valentine's Days Together

Hard to believe that our first Valentine's Day together was 30 years ago. He is more handsome now and I love him more than ever. He has sent me flowers on Valentine's Day every year that I can remember. Here are the ones I got today.


Becky Muir said...

georgous flowers. Lucky woman. since my mom is here helping my dad sent a huge bouquet, we kinda shared it so I told Jeff he had better wait and just spoil me when the baby comes. If I don't have it by Mar. 1 (39 weeks) I will probably have a c-section, that is my latest news. Have fun in Ut.

Jenny said...

Robbie gave me the same flowers this year! Don't you love the container they came in? I think our husbands must have good taste!