Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Family Home Evening

I have some thoughts on Family Home Evening. When my kids were little, we were not consistent with it. Yes, sometimes we did have a formal home evening, most weeks we just did something together. I feel bad about it now....like I missed a great opportunity. I think Melissa had the strongest testimony of it in our family. It's a good thing she gave us so many fantastic lessons.

But, my kids are great at it now. They picked up where I left off and are running forward full steam ahead. I think I can see a couple of reasons why we weren't that good at it from watching them. First, I made it too complicated. It seems that if you have a song and a prayer, the spirit is there. Just making the effort really pays off and the Lord blesses you. My kids don't do anything fancy and spend hours preparing. But once they gather, the sweetest feeling comes into the home.

Second, I let Greg's shift work be an excuse. We should have just had it with whoever was there.

I gave a lesson on the principle of sacrifice for Relief Society last Sunday. I was reminded how important it is that we give of ourselves for others. The principle of Sacrifice is so central to everything we do in our lives. Through it we show that we love God more than any other thing. Sacrificing a little of ourselves for our families on Monday night will bring huge blessings.

It was a huge joy watching Harlee and Beau sing together in Home Evening last night. All you have to do is look at her face and you know that having family night is accomplishing something vitally important to her future.


Amber said...


You don't need to feel bad. I think you did the best you could and you took many other opportunities to teach us.

But I will say that it is something we love doing as a family. My kids look forward to it every week. And I agree that simple is best, especially when their attention lasts only a few minutes!

Deborah Raymond said...

Terri... you accomplished the most important thing of all... you passed it along to the next generation... that's huge! You are an example to me!

Margaret said...

I was so touched by this blog. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a few things. Your photography talent that you are so willing to share and that has brought our family so much happiness as we've enjoyed the pictures you post. Your willingness to open your home to the kids as they make this move back here. I appreciated your testimony of FHE. It put into words the feelings I've had as I've watched my grown children teaching their little families. I think we all have some regrets and would do some things differently if we could go back but they do have testimonies of the gospel and it is so rewarding to see them living good lives. I'd also like to thank you for the wonderful daughters you've raised. How thankful we are for Heather and that she is now a part of our family too. What a beautiful wife and mother she is and we love her so much. We love and appreciate all your family.