Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 30, 2010

I’m grateful for such a wonderful kids, Heather and Beau, who organized the 2nd Annual French Family Halloween Party. I am not a costume person, but must admit that the costumes are a LOT of fun.

I have photos of most everyone, except Dr. Mike who was still seeing patients at the office when the photos were taken. I’m so sad I didn’t get a photo of him in his costume when he arrived at the party.

The nice witch had shed her hat and Nemo was too hot as a fish by the time I got this photo. But, Pirate Greg and still going strong.

Please….no comments about the witch below….

Good thing there was a cute little, nice witch to balance out the Old Witch

The two bugs were both adorable…

The cutest little Nemo ever….

The bowling ball and bowling pin were hilarious.

Batman made an appearance. Problem was, he really was scary to Nemo…. Nemo would scream whenever Batman came too close!!

I’m not sure where the twins were hiding out all night because I sure didn’t get many photos of them. But, they were darling cowboys.

The dinner was great and the kids had fun playing pin the hat on the witch.

We sure had fun!!

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Heather said...

I'm glad that you had fun. We'll be sure to do it again next year!